Community Forums NNTP bridge with LocalDB

This is a small info page about the alternative LocalDB version of the Community Forums NNTP bridge.

This version stores all articles in a local storage file. Therefor it uses its own article number and article id!

I strongly recommend that you use a different port than for the normal bridge!

Advantages over the "normal" community bridge

The main advantages are:

Here you can see an example from my newsreader:


The installation requires only .NET Framework 4.0, which will be downloaded during the setup process, if it is not yet installed.

It can be installed side-by-side with the "normal" community bridge. It does not interfear with each other...

You can download the installation files from

Just unzip the zip file and extract it to a temporary directory. Then you can start the "setup.exe".

Known issues

The installation for Win7-x64 (not x86!) seems to be incomplete. It only works if you install the x86-files for SQL-CE (This is not a server, just DLL files!)

You can find the installation files here: Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2 for Windows Desktop


Because of the completely different internals of this bridge, you must first select the newsgroups which you want to see in your newsreader. If you start the bridge for the first time, the "Manage forums dialog" will automatically appear.

Here must first press the "Refresh list" button to download all available groups.

Then you must select these groups which you want to subscribe to! This must be first done in the bridge. As long as you have not selected any groups, your newsreader will not be able to see this groups. For the first time I suggest that you only select one or two groups for testing.

After you have pressed Accept or Save then all articles for this groups will be downloaded.

The first download of several thousend artciles might take several hours! To restrict the number of downloaded articles you can change this in the "Advanced options" (LimitArticleCountOfNewGroups). Default is "0" which means: Download all. You can also change this value if the download is already active.

The articles will only appear after the complete group was downloaded. This has to do with some limitations of NNTP and the orderung of article numbers. If the download is complete then you can subscribe in your newreader to these groups.

If the first download was done, then all subsequent downloads might take about 10-20 seconds per group, because the current web-service does not provide a "bulk" transfer method. But your newsreader will not see this delay. The communication to your newsreader is now completely separated form the web-service access. The checking for new messages is done in different thread!


The local storage file is places in "%AppData%\Community\CommunityForumsNNTPServer_LocalDB\ForumsData.sdf".

Suggestions and questions

If you have questions or other suggestions you can post this here:

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